You might be a redneck if….

This was so much fun. We did it for a family reunion, but it would great for a mutual activity or any big group. This group was about 60 people. I divided them into three groups and kept a running tally.  We had 5 different activities, the entire activity lasted about an hour, it easily could have lasted longer.  Each game was so different and hilarious. Seriously I don’t know who had more fun, those watching or playing.

Toilet Seat Races

For this you will need toilet seats on wheels. My amazing Sister in Law mounted them to dollies.  They were perfect. For this game we had everyone pair up.  One person sat on the toilet seat while the other person pushed them to the turn around point, when they got there they switched. Each team had 8 pairs that were part of the race, first team with all 8 rounds completed won.

Seed Spitting Contest

Items needed: tarp, sunflower seeds and pie pans (or something for the team to spit into). I put the pie pans in the middle of the toilet seats just because I thought it was funny. I put 3 minutes on the clock, each person on the team was given a handful of sunflower seeds and 20 seconds to spit as many sunflower seeds as they could into the pie pan. To make it fair they had to stand off of the tarp. I watched the clock and let them know when their 20 seconds was up. It was hilarious to watch!! Only one spitter at a time.

Marshmallow shooters

For this activity you need shower caps, shaving cream, marshmallows (one bag for each team), safety glasses and PVC pipe. I had the oldest of each family (all in their 70’s) come stand on a tarp. They were given safety glasses and a shower cap. The shower caps were then covered with shaving cream. Each team had 6 PVC “shooters” I put 5 minutes on the clock and  the object of the game is to make the marshmallows stick to the shaving cream. When the time was up whoever had the most marshmallows stuck to the cap won. If you don’t want to have the shooters you could throw Cheetos.

Plunger catch

You need a plunger and a ball on a string. I got both at the dollar store. Drill a small hole and tie a knot.

I made 2 for each team, so a total of 6. The point of this game is to catch the ball in the top of the plunger. It’s really fun. I put 5 minutes on the clock and as one person caught the ball in the plunger they passed it to the next person in line.

Ring around the bottle

You need a bottle of soda I used a liter, (go bigger for easier and smaller to make it harder) string and a mason jar lid. Tie the string to the mason jar lid and then around the persons belt loop on the back of their pants. They are going to try to get the ring over the soda bottle. I had enough for two per team. This game was the hardest for everyone. I put 5 minutes on the clock and as they got the ring on the bottle they took off the string and passed it to the next person. We had one person hold the bottle for their team mate and one helping tie and untie each teammate.

This was one of my favorite group activities. Everyone got a good kick out of it. The winning team got a big tub of Cheese Balls.

After we finished we wrapped it up with a “You might be a “enter last name” if….” with some funny memories and things unique to our family.” Everyone had a good time.