Hair is so much fun;I love to twist, braid, curl, and straighten it. One of our favorite things to do is color it. My daughter has gorgeous hair, when she started asking for different color in her hair I had a little bit of a heart attack. One day my sister in law put some hot pink chalk in her hair after a cut and we were hooked. Chalk is the perfect temporary color for any hair type. The problem with buying chalk in hair section is you only get one color and it’s usually a few dollars. In order to get a variety we’d end up spending a fortune.


I went to my local art store and picked up some soft pastels (make sure it’s not oil based). I got this pack of 24 for $18 and used a 40% off coupon. We have every color we need/want and can do some really fun things with it. Lately we have been playing around with ombre.

I’ve had this pack for a couple of years and we use it quite a bit (hence the broken pieces). Dark hair usually washes out after one time. For Little Mama it takes a few days depending on how dark we got it in her hair. This is her hair two washes after we put it in.

Today she wanted Lime Green in her hair and people stopped us everywhere we went to tell her how cute her hair was and ask how we did it.

Just a few tips, to increase the color add it to wet hair, dry it and lock it in by adding heat from a flat iron. It will stain the hair longer, but I’ve found we don’t need to. I just add it to dry hair and we are good to go.  One of my favorite hair styles with chalk is a fishtail braid. I will take small pieces of hair and color them all different colors. We call it mermaid hair!

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