YW Smash Books

I LOVE smash books. They are so much fun.  The fancier they are the more I like them but when it came to making my own, lets be honest, “Ain’t nobody go time for that.” I wish that I could create a beautiful doodled page in a few minutes but they would take me hours. Have you seen Bible Smash books? If not, check them out they are amazing and absolutely beautiful.

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In church I get the opportunity to work with the Young Women. My advisory and I were looking for ways to make our Sunday lessons more meaningful for the girls.  She showed me smash books and I was hooked. So we came up with our own, less intense, smash book. For mutual we sat down with the girls and decorated own books. Each Sunday the girls bring their books and we bring fun pens, markers and occasionally washi tape. We all take notes during the lesson. It’s such a fun way to stay focused on the lesson. I have had a blast with my book and am amazed at how much more I remember about the lessons. More importantly the girls love them!!

We got the books at Walmart for about $3 a piece. Then used scrapbook paper, washi tape and ribbon that we had lying around. Each book was so different and fit the personality of the girl making it.

I used washi tape on the inside just for the kicks. Each month we put the Come Follow Me theme.

Here is a finished page. We glue in our handouts, take notes and have a fun journal to look back at later. Smash book for the win!!

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