Welcome to Dirty Dishes Messy Kisses! We are so glad you are here. Kelsey and Crystal are sisters that love crafting, baking and spending time with their families. Here is a little more about us.

We first met when Crystal’s brother Devin brought me (Kelsey) to Crystal’s in-law’s for Thanksgiving dinner while we were dating in college. I was nervous, OBVIOUSLY, to meet the sister I’d heard so much about. I have this tendency to put my big fat foot in my big fat mouth and say the most awkward things when I’m nervous so the pit in my stomach grew bigger and bigger as we got closer to the house. My first memory of Crystal is her sitting at a table with Black Friday ads spread in every direction cleverly coordinating a game plan for that night’s shopping escapades! Pretty sure she was also a hardcore part of the backyard football game that same evening (You don’t mess with a girl who’s got three crazy brothers that spent every summer in casts, literally. ALL. OF. THEM.) Crystal is the tell-you-how-it-is, no crap in between, softy for romance, love your guts to the core kind of mom, friend, and sister… EXACTLY what I need to come out of my shell!

Ever since joining the family back in 2012 Crystal and I have only grown closer. We probably talk more than I talk to my husband (her brother). Crystal grew up in a small town in Idaho and got her degree in Political Science  with an emphasis in American Government and Public Policy at Boise State University (GO BRONCOS) where she also met Todd—a funny story for another time. She married Todd in 2007 and has two crazy, funny, sweet and sassy kids! For 5 years she worked as a police, fire, and ems dispatcher and you wouldn’t believe some of the stories she has stored up her sleeve! She has the amazing ability to think calmly and clearly in exasperating situations… so obviously she’s my go to during ANY crisis! Now she spends her time going lights and sirens at home, between being a mom and serving as the Young Women’s President (an organization for teenage girls in our church).

Now let me, Crystal, tell you about the first time I met Kelsey. Ok, so basically it’s the same story but I knew the minute she walked in the door that we were going to be good friends. She is the nicest, most optimistic person I know, seriously even when she’s sad she has a smile on her face. My nieces flocked to her almost instantly and despite not knowing any of them, Kelsey let them drag her ALL OVER the house, sat down and colored with them and made them each feel like Princesses. She still does this, it’s like Christmas morning every time she comes to town (for me and the kids).

Kelsey grew up in a “small” town  in Southern California … if such things exist in the traffic-packed, people-stuffed state of California (in Idaho we consider this a big city, but California has different standards). She attended Brigham Young University—Idaho where she met her husband Devin—also a funny story—and got her degrees in General Education and Marriage and Family Studies. Devin convinced her to marry him (smartest decision he’s ever made)  in 2012 and now they have a saucy almost-one-year-old baby girl. Before baby girl joined the family, Kelsey worked in Behavior Therapy implementing ABA therapy with kids with Autism. In other words, she’s trained in making people do what they don’t want to do, this comes in handy at home 😉 She’s also been baking cakes for seven years and even though they say “never trust a skinny baker (or chef.. whatever),” you’re going to want to try these!

We are excited to share our journey with all of you! Stay tuned for crafts, baking, mommy tips, and DIYs!