Lately I’ve been looking at all the valentines stuff; I love it, the hearts, the colors and the decor but the holiday…not so much.  This year I’m changing my outlook. Our kids know we love them but sometimes saying I love you a different way is exactly what we need and it’s fun. For the record, I am not that mom that goes all out for everything, I just don’t have the energy for that. I do, however,  like to find things that will teach my kids something and make them feel special.

Where is the love?

So what does Cupid Mail teach my kids? Hang with me for a minute. Every time I look at social media I’m bombarded with hate. It breaks my heart. Sometimes I feel so discouraged and think it’s pointless to fight it because I can’t make a difference. But I can!! I can with my little people. It might not change the world but I can teach them how to be kind. It starts at home, how we talk to each other, how we respond to people on the phone, in person and online. Our children are learning from us, and they are taking that into the world with them. How my kids treat others is a pretty good reflection on how we, my husband and I, treat others.  So in an effort to make them amazing, kind, giving and loving people, I present Cupid Mail!!!

Cupid Mail!

Starting the first week of February, we will put out our cute little mailboxes, sit down with our kids and talk about showing love and kindness. We will explain the mailboxes and challenge them to put notes of encouragement and love in the boxes and put up the flag. I am planning on putting something in their box everyday. I’ll mix it up with treats, crafts, notes or maybe an activity we can do that day. Some of the activities I have planned are delivering cookies to friends and making cards to mail to friends and family. I’m excited to see what the kids come up with, I love the giggles they get when they are sneaking around serving each other.


What you need

I got these cute little mailboxes at Target for $1. The cutest part is the heart is a chalkboard.

Now get little things to put inside. I got a mix of candy and crafts. All of the craft stores have their Valentines day stuff at 40% a few at 50% off. So I got all of the crafts for around .75.

I also picked up these cute stickers and cards. I thought it would be fun to give each person in our family a handful to leave around for each other. We will make the cards and send them to friends and family.

I also hit up the bulk section at the grocery store. I got a few of the kids favorite treats in a little bag and spent around .10 on each.

Don’t forget to make one for mom and dad so they are be in on the fun. I know my kids are going to love the boxes and I have no doubt they will be putting special notes in the mailboxes as well.