DINNER TIME CRUNCH… It’s that time again, the kids and hubby are asking what’s for dinner and you feel that dread knowing that you still have to figure out what to make AND find time to make it! GAH! Is the struggle real or what? I want to be that perfect mom that does meal prep on the weekends and has dinner ready to go when dinner-time rolls around, but let’s be honest… those moms are far and few between (maybe even a myth because I have yet to meet one). If that’s you, I’m giving you an air-five right now (please don’t laugh at my lame-ness).

Now here’s where WE want to help YOU when you’re in that dinnertime crunch! Winner Winner Easy Dinner!! Every week we will post a new dinner idea for you and your family! WAIT…. it gets even better… These recipes are going to come from all of YOU, our readers! Email us with your favorite recipes, maybe a little about yourself, heck throw in a picture of you or your sweet family while you’re at it and we will feature you on our blog!

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3 Types of Recipes We Want:

  1. EASY!!!

  2. CHEAP!!!


We can never have enough easy, cheap, family favorite recipes, am I right or am I right? You know, those recipes that maybe take only a little effort and dirty dishes… or maybe the kind of recipe that you can throw together with the ingredients in your kitchen!

We can’t wait to hear your recipes both for our own sake and that of you other busy moms! Just send us an email (found on our “contact us” page) or DM on our social media pages with the subject title “WINNER WINNER EASY DINNER” and we’ll feature you and your recipe!







*disclaimer: the recipes do not have to be your own, but please give credit where credit is due when sharing someone’s recipe! Thanks!