I have a problem, well… I wouldn’t call it a problem, but my hubby might. I LOVE to throw parties… LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I go all out and usually plan way too much, but oh I love it so. Needless to say, planning Tiny’s first birthday was a dream! I was scoping Pinterest and the internet to gather ideas for months. Now I get to share it with all of you!


I recommend doing birthday pictures NOT on the day of your party. You’ll already be so busy playing host that it will stress you out, who knows, with mom brain you might even forget! We did pictures on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks BEFORE the party. SCORE!

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Let’s start with this darling backdrop. We did this photoshoot in our backyard, by ourselves. The background is made up of two pink plastic tablecloths I bought at the dollar store; I taped them to the ground and to the fence to give a uniform backdrop for Tiny’s pictures! I made the paper flowers following this tutorial. And I show you how to make this exact cake in this tutorial on decorating rosette cakes. Then I threw in some balloons and a cute yellow bin from Hobby Lobby filled with a couple of the centerpieces for the party. Check out these pictures! It was a perfect photoshoot day because someone had just woken up and was in a good mood… oh did you think I meant Tiny? Haha! 😉


Don’t stress yourself out at the last minute, do what you can ahead of time! I made/bought everything weeks (okay, I’ll be honest, I started months) before the actual party!

CENTERPIECES: Heinz Chili Sauce Jars filled with flowers from the dollar store, pinwheels from Hobby Lobby (which were on sale so I scored them for about 0.40 a piece), and a lemon slice cut-out with my Cricut on yellow and white paper (hot glue gunned on)!

LEMONADE STAND: DIY coming soon for this baby! The little blue sign sitting on it is from Hobby Lobby and it’s DARLING!! You’ll see a close up picture of that sucker later on! Then I cut out the word L-e-m-o-n-a-d-e on my Cricut and threw it on top!

UTENSIL BASKET: Scored this item at Hobby Lobby when it was on clearance! It was a steal and it kept the napkins and plates from blowing away when the wind picked up! For some added fun I put a paper rosette on it. Catch My Party has a great tutorial on how to make these!

SIGNS: The two table signs I designed on Word using this free lemon slice clipart image which you are welcome to download for personal use here: (1)PUCKER UP (aqua)  (2)PUCKER UP (white) and (1)GRAB A TREAT (aqua) (2)GRAB A TREAT (white). The welcome sign was also designed on word using this free lemonade clipart image. You can download it here: Welcome Sign.

CANDY BOXES: Those darling boxes with paper rosettes on them are shoe boxes wrapped in lemon wrapping paper. I poked holes on top and this is where I placed the candy skewers on the dessert table! How darling is that paper?! I scored it at T.J. Maxx for a couple bucks. I wrapped her presents in it too!

“WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS” SIGN: This sign also came from Hobby Lobby, I didn’t get as great of a deal on it, but it was still 40% off, you can get it here for $7. I’m just using it as a decorative sign in our house now for summer!!

NECKLACE: I knew from the moment I started planning this party that I wanted Tiny to wear a Pink and yellow necklace, preferably with a lemon slice on it, but all of the little boutique that sell bubble necklace were so pricey. I kept looking and I found one on Amazon for $8.99!!!!!!! I knew I had to have it, you can get yours here.

HEADBAND BOW: I really wanted a plain pink and yellow bow, but I couldn’t find any in the right shades or they didn’t have the right colors. I custom ordered this bow from a friend who makes bows and Disney ears on ETSY, check her out!! Her stuff is DARLING! You can also find her on Instagram at @babybbowtique. She even made darling matching clip on bows for my nieces to match!


We had two tables set up a desserts and drinks table and a table with all the fixings for burgers and hot dogs!

This backdrop was so fun to do!! I’ll be making a DIY for you so you can make your own backdrop for your next party!


THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PARTY!!! Am I right? Who doesn’t love food?

DRINK SIGNS: Using that same free lemon slice clipart image I created the ‘Lemonade’ and ‘Water’ signs on Word, then printed and cut them out. You can download them here for your personal use: WATER  &  LEMONADE

LEMON SLICE COOKIES: These sugar cookies are an old family recipe. We use them to make sugar cookies every year for Christmas! I will show you how to get perfectly soft sugar cookies AND how to decorate them so your frosting will set up!

CANDY SKEWERS: These were both fun and frustrating to make, but the kids at the party absolutely loved them!

CUPCAKES: We had two kinds of cupcakes, Lemon…. obviously! And my personal favorite.. Toasted Coconut, which I’ll be sharing later this week with you!


Every party needs some sort of entertainment, especially if there will be kids there. Let’s be honest, kids need something to keep them busy otherwise it’s “Mom, mom, mom, mom, moooooooooom… I’m bored!” So we had water guns, a kiddie pool, bubbles, and water balloons! There was SUPPOSED to be a darling pinata…. but we’ll get to that in just a minute.

Pinanta: I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a cute pinata because let’s be honest, you’re gonna spend a bunch of money buying candy to fill it already. I found a great tutorial on how to make an easy, cute number pinata by Oh Happy Day. It was easy but it took a loooooooong time, so start this project early!


I thought it would be fun to have a book of her first year out on a table for everyone to look through. I ordered mine through Shutterfly and I loved how it turned out!!

Didn’t it turn out CUTE!?! Ask my husband, I’m a little OCD so each page was designed the same, with one large picture on the left and nine smaller pictures in an even grid on the right. I like the uniform look, call me boring!


Just because we did a cake smash photoshoot doesn’t mean we could skip doing it with all of our family and friends! And of course, there had to be a cute backdrop! This was so easy to do, plastic table cloth, streamers, and the word ONE cut out with my Cricut!


Don’t forget to have fun! The whole entire point of having a party is to celebrate. Have fun being with family and friends while celebrating your little one!

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I think thank you notes are so important. If I’m gonna spend the time and money to get you a gift, it’s only polite to show appreciation. I’m a big believer in thank you notes. We do them for birthdays, but also for many other situations. If someone brings us dinner, if someone helps us out, etc. Make sure you have manners, they go a long way! I’ll get off my soapbox now!

My amazing niece helped Tiny open her presents while I kept a thank you list!

Do you have party ideas?! We’d love to hear them!