I have a confession, I don’t like decorating for holidays. I don’t like having all the extra stuff to store, the clutter and constantly trying to keep up with the ever changing holidays, but my kids love it. So I compromised and decorate enough to be festive but not so much that it’s overwhelming.  This year I made a fun little bunting and thought I’d share this quick 10 minute project with you.

First I searched “bunny svg” in google and looked until I found a bunny I liked. Then took out my circuit and cut these little guys out. My circuit is my very favorite crafting tool. It seriously takes every project to a whole new level.

I cut out 7 bunnies, I only used one 8×10 piece of card stock. Then  grabbed some white yarn and something to wrap the yarn around to make a little yarn ball. I used a film case I had laying around, wrapped the yarn around a few times. I like the tails to be full so I wrapped about double what I did in this picture.

Slide the yard off and put a rubber band in the middle. (I liked the tails longer so I moved the rubber band to the end.) You could also tie it with a piece of yarn.

Then grab your scissors and cut the loops on one end.

I cut a hole in my bunnies where I was going to put the tail. I repeated this 6 more times and taped each bunny to a piece of twine. Super simple and fun and easy to take apart and store it for next year.

As fun as the bunnies are I like to teach my kiddos the most important part of each holiday and ALWAYS add that to my décor. I found the beautiful He is Risen printable for free on Pinterest you can link to it here.

Have a wonderful Easter Week!!