A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out Tiny’s closet (for probably the 15th time since she was born) and I was overwhelmed with the amount of clothes she has. It’s no secret that kids grow like weeds and by the time you buy them new clothes they already need a new size!! Not only that, if they’re still in diapers, your wallet is in even more of a pinch, buying boxes and boxes of diapers for your little ones! I was trying to figure out how to store all of these outgrown clothes without actually buying plastic tubs which can add up so quickly. Not only that, they’re a little too bulky to stack up above the closet. So while I was pulling everything out of the closet to organize I saw a few empty diaper boxes I hadn’t had the energy to break apart and take to the trash yet.

Then I had my lightbulb moment. Don’t throw out those diaper boxes, just reuse them! Label them, fill them with clothes, and hide them away! And that’s EXACTLY what I did! These diaper boxes were the perfect size!! You can use wipes boxes as well!

I went through all of the old clothes, washed them, and organized them into their different sizes. Then I folded them up and placed them in the diaper boxes as tightly as I could. I couldn’t believe how much I could fit in each one!

I’m also a little OCD about how things look and my first thought was to write the sizes on the outside of the boxes with permanent marker… that looked HORRIBLE! If you’re not worried about how it looks than this may work just fine for you! It’s quick and it’s easy. Instead, I wanted things to look a little more uniform so I just typed up the sizes that were in each box and taped the paper to the sides of the boxes before stowing them away!

Then I stacked the boxes on the top shelf of Tiny’s closet and I was DONE!

And check this out… You can’t even see them when you’re facing the closet straight on. That’s how compact these boxes are! I LOVE how much room it saved me in her closet! And not only that… it cost me NOTHING! None, zip, absolutely nada!! So that’s a pretty good storage system in my book!

Tiny wanted to help as well!