Mystery dinners are a BLAST and the youth in our ward LOVE eating so it’s a win-win!! I don’t know who has more fun, the youth or the people in the kitchen putting the plates together. We fed about 48 people spent a total $85 (high five).

At a mystery dinner everyone is given a menu with random items on them. They order without knowing what they are getting and end up with some pretty crazy combinations. Pick a theme for the dinner and get creative in making a menu.

We decided to do a salad and baked potato bar it is cheap and easy to throw together. Here is our menu and free pdf  2017mysterydinner

Mystery Dinner

With a smaller group it’s really fun to have them order out loud .  Here is the menu key.

Wave of the Sea – Ocean water (sprite, coconut flavoring and blue food coloring)

Drowning in Darkness – Root Beer

Wind and Tossed – Lettuce

Grove of Trees – Broccoli

He that Wavereth – Celery

Nothing Wavering – Carrots

Given Liberally – Ranch Dressing

Pillar of Light – Cheese

Wisdom – Baked Potato

Radiant Beam – Butter

Exquisite Whiteness – Sour Cream

Ask in Faith – Chili

One of the best parts of the mystery dinner is you don’t need to buy a ton of food. It goes a LONG ways. So don’t buy enough food to feed everyone a three course meal, they aren’t going to eat that much. You can always open up the kitchen after and let them get what they want but some of the people are going to end up with just one or two things on their plate.

We had 6 tables with 8 seats at each table. Each table was a different color with matching colored plates, to help us keep everything organized in the kitchen. I got 2 rectangle table clothes in each color then cross them on the table so they cover the entire table. I also used dessert plates, I wanted the plates to look full and I needed 3 at each spot for each course.  These packets had 24 plates in them so it was the perfect amount. Also I wanted everyone to see the drinks each person ordered so we get the small clear cups. I got the table clothes and plates at Walmart.

Mystery Dinner

I always try to mix up where everyone sits so they aren’t ALWAYS sitting by the same people, so this time we got colored paper that matched the tables and cut them into 8 strips and threw them in a bag. As each person came into the gym they drew a paper and went to the table that matched the color, then wrote their name on the rim of each of their plates. Each person had a menu and order form at their spot as well. Here is the free pdf of the order form2017mysteryorder

Mystery Dinner

Next they circled what they wanted and the servers picked up the order form and plates. In the kitchen we set each food item out with the number it matched on the order form taped to it, it made putting the plate together really easy. Each table had their own server with two extra people in the kitchen to help. We took out each course together. It’s so fun to see what everyone ends up with. I had a few kids end up with just shredded cheese for their first course and butter for their second. Others circled everything.  For dessert we did the same thing.

At the end we talked about the new mutual theme (James 1:5-6) and quickly introduced it. We talked a little bit about lacking wisdom, those who didn’t order wisdom for their main course didn’t get much of a meal.