Have you tried leather stamping? Oh man I can see myself getting really carried away with these awesome little bracelets.This was a craft that we did at girls camp and I’ll be honest I’ve been making playing around with them for the last few weeks. It can be a little tricky, trying to line things up and how hard to hammer the stamps but it’s totally worth it.

Where to start

First you need a plain leather bracelet, we got ours at a local leather store but you can order them online here.

Next you dip it in water.

Now you are going to wipe the water off with your fingers so there isn’t a lot of excess and put it on something hard. Then pick out your stamps, again you can get these at the leather store or order them online here. Then grab a hammer, I got the heaviest one we had because the leather on the inch and a half bracelet is really thick. The half inch bracelets didn’t need as heavy a hammer for the majority of the stamps but some required a little more weight than others.

Now just stamp away. I like the bracelets with a lot of design on them but the simple ones are cute as well. So pick your style and go to town.

I also realized after making a handful that I really like the stamps to be deep in the leather it shows more detail. So on the next one I pounded extra hard.

See the difference it’s crazy, this leather is almost dry so it shows a lot better as well. Next stain them with leather stain and waterproof them, you can get that here. I also took clear fingernail polish and painted it on the snaps so they wouldn’t rust.

Now you get to enjoy your cute new creation.

Enjoy your fun new craft!!