I have been wanting a few big signs in my house for a LONG time. With some motivation from a friend I finally got them finished and I couldn’t be happier. I love how much personality they add to our home.

Before you get started you need to get your supplies:

1x10x6 board, vinyl, Silhouette, transfer tape or contact paper, sandpaper, paint and if you want a frame then wood for that as well.

My Home Sweet Home sign is 6 FEET long, but you can make your sign whatever size you want.

First you need to design your sign. I used a Silhouette.

Next, cut it out and weed it, weeding is taking out the vinyl you don’t want. In this case, we are using the vinyl as a stencil so only weed the stuff you want to be on your sign.

DIY Wood Sign

Next, prep your wood by sanding and painting it.

After the paint is dry, put your vinyl on the board. Now that the vinyl is in place, paint your quote or design same color as the base coat. I repeat THE SAME COLOR. Don’t skip this step, it prevents bleed thru and a lot of extra work.

Wait for that to dry and then paint  the color you want it to be. When it is mostly dry go ahead and peel the vinyl off.

At this point, I like to distress my signs because I love the look and it helps to blend in any flaws.

You can be finished at this point or you can add a frame. I wanted it framed so I stained the wood and attached it by using a nail gun.

I LOVE it!

Here is another sign I did at the same time. This sign is made out of wood fence slats.

Here is a close up.

Happy sign making!!

We’d love to see the signs you make. Post a picture in the comments below so we can enjoy them too.

Now you know how but you don’t want to make one yourself.

No worries I have a plan for you. My friend and Kick Butt sign maker can help you out. Check out her Etsy site, you won’t be disappointed she does AMAZING work.