Do you ever feel like every other mom is so much more on top of things and craftier than yourself? I know I do all of the time. I scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and wonder how everyone does it all?? (If you’ve learned, please share your secret!! <-insert me on knees begging here).

Well I was running around trying to get food to a family who lost a loved one yesterday and trying to visit a woman from church (gotta get that 100% visiting teaching… even if it’s the first time I’ve been all year!), and still trying to find time to look cute for a date with my hubby. I hopped on Facebook—probably while sitting on the toilet, don’t judge—and scrolled through all of the adorable Valentine’s pictures. For a second I felt sorry for myself wishing I had the time to do some cute pictures of my own little girl for her first Valentine’s day, then I snapped out of it and decided I’d make time. While she was napping I threw together a Valentine’s getup in the backyard and when she woke up from her nap I snapped a few pictures and then ran out the door to accomplish our errands. Guess what…. Errands—check! Pictures—double check!! They turned out darling and I only spent 15 minutes! So here’s how you can throw together your own photo booth to snag some adorable pics of your lovelies!

I don’t have a fancy-shmancy camera so it doesn’t take great pictures unless I have really good lighting, so where’s the best lighting? Natural light, of course! I found a spot in my backyard that was bright, but still shaded from direct sunlight.


Clearly my dog was thrilled about what we were doing, but I wanted to show you where I took these pictures… literally just a random spot of shade in the backyard. You can do it anywhere, that’s the beauty of photo backdrops. If you don’t have the money to invest in a backdrop have no fear, you can hang a white or colored sheet as well and it works just as great!!

I taped up my photo backdrop to the fence and proceeded to grab all of the valentine’s decorations I could find around my house. I also pulled out my Circuit machine and cut out some red paper hearts as quickly as I could. Tiny woke up just as I finished so I got her dressed, put on some red lipstick, kissed her face (which she thought was funny and giggled each time), then we snapped a few photos, called it good and ran out the door to run errands!

Later in the afternoon, I finally had time to look over the pictures and I was pleasantly surprised with the results! GUYS… you could even do this on your PHONE!! I am so glad I took the 15 minutes yesterday to do this! I hope you were able to enjoy your Valentine’s Day. We’d love to see any pictures you snapped… fancy or not, so feel free to share!

You can find this photography backdrop along with tons of other cute ones here for less than or around $20:


I found the “Kiss Me” sign and heart garland on clearance at the grocery two years during the post-Valentine’s day sale for a few bucks so go check out your local stores because HELLO… IT’S CLEARANCE TIME BABY! Go stock up on Valentine’s crap-o-la!

For the “Kisses 25¢” sign, I searched “Kisses 25 cents” on google images and came across tons of cute things! I saved mine which you can download below as a pdf, or you can search for your own on google:  Then all I did was grab a frame laying around the house and put it in the frame.

For the pdf, you can put it in an 8×10 frame or cut it to the size of a 5×7, which is the size I used.

Download pdf file here: Kisses 25


The wooden crate Tiny is sitting in was found at Walmart or right here online: It’s $14 online, but it was only $10 in-store so if you live close to a Walmart I suggest checking it out!


I had the burlap laying around from a bridal shower I threw years ago, but you can find it at Walmart in the bridal supplies section or online here: For $14, I’ve used it for MANY parties and holidays so I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it!


The “Be Mine” burlap banner I made years ago with burlap and red paint, but you can buy ready-to-decorate burlap banners at Hobby Lobby for $5.99 OR they are 50% off this week, yes, that’s FIFTY, so they’re only $3, I would go grab a few if you have any banners you’ve been itching to make.


Stay tuned for our St. Patrick’s Day DIY photo booth, complete with free printables and some fun picture ideas!!

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